Exploring the Rich Symbols of Maharashtra: A Tapestry of Cultural Heritage

Maharashtra, a vibrant state in the western peninsular region of India, is not just known for its significant economic contribution but also for its rich cultural heritage, beautifully encapsulated in its state symbols. These symbols, ranging from the state animal to the state tree, are not just emblems of pride but also reflect the diverse ecology and cultural fabric of Maharashtra.

State Animal: Indian Giant Squirrel

The Indian Giant Squirrel, also known as Shekru, is the state animal of Maharashtra. This species, renowned for its majestic multi-colored fur and impressive size, is native to the forests of Maharashtra. The choice of the Indian Giant Squirrel as the state animal highlights Maharashtra’s commitment to preserving its natural heritage and biodiversity.

State Bird: Yellow-Footed Green Pigeon

The Yellow-Footed Green Pigeon, locally known as Hariyal, is the state bird of Maharashtra. This bird, with its distinctive green plumage and yellow feet, is often spotted in the green canopies of Maharashtra’s forests. The Hariyal symbolizes the state’s rich avian diversity and the importance of conserving natural habitats.

State Tree: Mango Tree

The Mango Tree, known as ‘Aamra’ in Marathi, is the state tree of Maharashtra. This choice is not just a nod to the popularity of mangoes in Maharashtra but also to the tree’s cultural and economic significance. The Mango Tree is central to many local festivals and rituals, symbolizing prosperity and fertility.

State Flower: Jarul

The Jarul, or Pride of India, is the state flower of Maharashtra. This flower, with its striking purple hue, is often seen adorning the landscape of Maharashtra during the monsoon season. The Jarul represents the state’s natural beauty and the vibrancy of its flora.

Cultural Significance

Each of these symbols plays a crucial role in the cultural tapestry of Maharashtra. They are not only a source of pride for the people but also serve as a reminder of the state’s commitment to preserving its natural and cultural heritage. From the lush forests that are home to the Indian Giant Squirrel to the vibrant Jarul blossoms, these symbols are integral to Maharashtra’s identity.

Conservation Efforts

The government of Maharashtra, along with various NGOs, actively works towards the conservation of these symbols. Protecting the habitats of the Indian Giant Squirrel and the Yellow-Footed Green Pigeon, promoting sustainable practices around Mango cultivation, and preserving the natural beauty of the Jarul are ongoing efforts that reflect the state’s dedication to its ecological and cultural wealth.

Symbol Type Symbol Name Description
State Animal Indian Giant Squirrel Known locally as Shekru, this species is admired for its size and colorful fur.
State Bird Yellow-Footed Green Pigeon Also known as Hariyal, it is recognized by its green plumage and yellow feet.
State Tree Mango Tree Known as ‘Aamra’ in Marathi, the Mango Tree is central to many local festivals and rituals.
State Flower Jarul (Pride of India) This flower, with its striking purple hue, symbolizes the state’s natural beauty.


These symbols represent the rich biodiversity and cultural heritage of Maharashtra. Each symbol has its own unique significance and is a source of pride for the state.

Symbol Type in English Name in Marathi Name in English
State Animal महाराष्ट्राचा राज्य प्राणी शेकरू Indian Giant Squirrel
State Flower महाराष्ट्राचे राज्य  फुल ताम्हण किवा जारूळ Tamhin, Jarul
State Bird महाराष्ट्राचा राज्य पक्षी हरियाल Yellow-Footed Green Pigeon (Hariyal)
State Tree महाराष्ट्राचा राज्य वृक्ष आंबा Mango
State Butterfly महाराष्ट्राचा राज्य फुलपाखरू ब्ल्यू मॉरमॉन Blue Mormon (Papilio Polymnestor)
State Sport महाराष्ट्राचा राज्य खेळ कबड्डी Kabaddi
State Fish महाराष्ट्राचे राज्य मासे रोहू Rohu
State Song महाराष्ट्राचे राज्य गीत जय जय महाराष्ट्र माझा Jay Jay Maharashra Majha
State Mangrove Tree महाराष्ट्राचा राज्य कांदळवन वृक्ष पांढरी चिप्पी White Chippy

These symbols represent the diverse natural and cultural heritage of Maharashtra, each with its unique significance and identity.



The state symbols of Maharashtra are more than just emblems; they are a celebration of the state’s diverse ecology and rich cultural heritage. They remind us of the beauty and uniqueness of Maharashtra and the importance of preserving these treasures for future generations.

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