In your opinion, what can Maruti do to better compete with Toyota, both in terms of features and pricing of their cars?

In my opinion, Maruti can take several steps to enhance its competitiveness with Toyota in terms of features and pricing of their cars:

1. Focus on Research and Development:

Maruti can invest more in research and development to develop advanced features and technologies that are on par with or even surpass those offered by Toyota. This can include improvements in safety features, connectivity options, hybrid or electric vehicle technologies, and overall performance enhancements.

2. Enhance Build Quality:

Maruti can work on improving the build quality of their cars to match the robustness and durability associated with Toyota vehicles. This would not only boost customer confidence but also contribute to better longevity and reliability of Maruti cars.

3. Offer Premium Features:

By incorporating premium features and amenities into their vehicles, Maruti can attract customers who seek a more luxurious driving experience. This can include features like advanced infotainment systems, premium upholstery, advanced driver-assistance systems, and enhanced comfort features.

4. Strengthen After-Sales Service:

Maruti can focus on providing excellent after-sales service to its customers. This can involve expanding their service network, ensuring availability of spare parts, and offering quick and efficient service to address any issues or concerns.

5. Competitive Pricing Strategy:

Maruti can adopt a strategic pricing approach that offers value for money to customers. By offering well-equipped cars at competitive prices, Maruti can position itself as a viable alternative to Toyota, attracting customers who prioritize affordability without compromising on quality.

6. Collaborations and Partnerships:

Maruti can explore collaborations and partnerships with other automotive technology companies to leverage their expertise and bring innovative features and technologies to their cars. This can help Maruti stay at the forefront of automotive advancements and maintain a competitive edge.

7. Marketing and Branding:

Maruti can invest in effective marketing and branding strategies to highlight the unique selling points of their vehicles. By effectively communicating the value proposition of their cars, Maruti can create a strong brand image and differentiate itself from competitors like Toyota.

By implementing these measures, Maruti can strengthen its position in the market and better compete with Toyota in terms of features and pricing, attracting a wider range of customers and ensuring long-term success.

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