How to Calculate 12th Percentage for CBSE

Understanding the CBSE 12th Grading System

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India conducts examinations for the 12th grade, and the results are typically given in marks. The percentage calculation is a straightforward process based on these marks.

Steps to Calculate the Percentage

  1. Collect Your Marks: Obtain the marks you have scored in each subject. CBSE usually has five main subjects, and sometimes an additional sixth subject.
  2. Total Marks: Add up the marks obtained in each subject. If you have a sixth subject, there are two scenarios:
    • If the sixth subject is a vocational subject, it might not be included in the total.
    • If the sixth subject has a higher score than one of the main five subjects, it can replace the lowest score among them (this depends on specific CBSE rules).
  3. Maximum Marks: Determine the maximum possible marks. This is usually 500 for five subjects (each subject out of 100 marks).
  4. Calculate the Percentage: Use the formula: Percentage= (Total Marks ObtainedMaximum Marks)×100

Example Calculation

Suppose a student has the following marks:

  • Physics: 85
  • Chemistry: 90
  • Mathematics: 95
  • English: 88
  • Biology: 92
  • Additional Subject (Informatics Practices): 93

Total Marks (Best of Five Subjects): 85 + 90 + 95 + 88 + 93 = 451

Maximum Marks: 500

Percentage: (451 / 500) × 100 = 90.2%

Important Points to Note

  • Subject Selection: For the percentage calculation, usually the best five subjects are considered. However, it’s important to check the latest CBSE guidelines.
  • Practical and Theory Marks: Ensure to include both practical and theory marks if they are given separately.
  • Rounding Off: The percentage is usually rounded off to two decimal places.

Difference between percentage and percentile?


Calculating the percentage for CBSE 12th grade is a simple yet crucial process for students, especially for college admissions and scholarship applications. It’s important to be accurate and follow the specific rules set by CBSE for the calculation. Students should also stay updated with any changes in the calculation method or rules by the CBSE board.

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