6 Things to Start Preparing Your Child for Before the Summer

Summer is a great time for relaxing and spending time with your kids. Summer usually involves a lot of outdoor activities including going to the park, swimming, and having family picnics. However, many parents struggle with summertime because it means the kids are home all the time and they are out of their normal routine and structure.

Before summer rolls around, it’s important to prepare your kids for the time off by creating activities for them so that they can remain active both physically and mentally.

Make a Calendar

Even though your child will not be getting up and going to school with daily activities, you can still have a calendar to show your child what is going on and what they can expect. Many parents choose to do dentist and routine doctor visits during the summer, so make sure you write down these dates and times on the calendar so your child knows when they are going.

If your child is old enough to do certain chores around the house, you can also mark down the chores and tasks that are expected each day so your child knows the things they need to get done.


Make sure you also write down any vacations that you plan on taking as this can get your child excited for the summer and the new things they might be able to do.


If your child has a special event or something they want to attend, make sure you give them a chance to go when possible and they can write down when it’s happening on the calendar.


Time Off


While most kids are excited about the time off from school, not every child thrives when there is no structure or schedule to do every day. If you know your child will struggle without a routine, you need to adequately prepare them for this time off by making a new routine for them.


This means waking up and going to bed at the same time every day even if there might not be anywhere to go in the morning as when school is in session.


Make sure your child is aware of the schedule and let them know ahead of time what their routine is so they are not blindsided about what each day will look like.


Prepare Them For the Next Year of School Early


Even though summer is mostly a time for fun and playing, there still needs to be some preparation for the upcoming school year because kids need to stay well-versed in their reading and math skills.

Have your child sit down and write down their goals for the next school year. You can also take some of their homework or writing assignments from the year before and review them to ensure they still know all the old skills they learned.



Make sure you put all school activities on the calendar mentioned before so that your kid knows when registration day is and when they get to meet their new teachers.



Most of these activities happen in the final month of school so you can wait until the end of summer to do them, but it’s still a good idea for it to be in your child’s brain that they have activities coming up for school.


Conferences and Other Activities


There are many conferences and other activities that your child can do over the summer that will keep them busy and entertained. While your child might prefer to stay home over the summer and not go anywhere, this is not usually good for them.


They don’t need to do activities all summer, but having them attend a church youth conference or signing them up for an activity for a few weeks can keep them busy and allow them to meet new friends.


Do Fun Activities Together


Summer is a time to be together as a family. While your kid will have some activities to do and they will maybe be at friend’s houses sometimes, it’s also important to make time to do activities together as a family.


It can be hard to find activities to do as a family though especially if you’re busy working even if the kids are off from school.


However, a fun activity does not need to be expensive or complicated. It can be something as simple as going to the park or having a little picnic in your outdoor garden. Sometimes during the summer, there are also discounts for families and kids at theme parks or other kinds of places where you might be able to enjoy a family day for a low price.


Meal Plan


One of the things that really changes during the summer is how kids eat. When they are home all day, they might be tempted to over-snack or get bored and overeat. Let your kids know that you plan to meal plan and that the kids still need to eat three healthy meals a day.


There should also be snacks available but make sure they are healthy options and limit the amount of snacking that goes on so that your kids do not eat the entire day.



Make sure to include your kids in the meal planning so that they feel they have a choice on what to eat and drink. You can ask them about their favorite things and see if there is something they are interested to eat or try.


This allows the whole family to come together and enjoy meals and food as a group.


The Bottom Line


Summer is a time for fun, but it also needs to be a time of structure and learning. Make sure your kid has a fun mix of fun activities but they are also preparing for the upcoming school year and keeping up with a routine.


If you are not sure how to get your kids active, you can always have them attend a few camps and conferences so that are able to get out of the house and meet others.

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