What are Archives?

Archives primarily mean a place where records or documents are stored. It is obvious that this definition of Archives cannot be applied as criteria to decide whether a document is an Archive. Archival documents are those which are 30 years old, non-current Government records of historical and administrative importance.

Who can refer to Records / Documents in Archives?

All bonafide research students, officers of the Government of Maharashtra, heads of the department, officers of the Government of India, and other State Governments, members of the Historical Record Commission, members of the regional Records Survey Committee Maharashtra 'Vice Chancellors, Professors, Readers and Lecturers of an Indian University and any other person accepted by the Departments of Government of Maharashtra on the recommendation of the Director of Archives.

Do I need to register in the Archives in order to refer to Records / Documents?

Yes, you need to register in the Archives for availing the facilities of Archives.

How can I get registered?

By filling up the prescribed form.

Can I get Microfilms, Scan image and photo copies of the Records?

Yes, the facility of providing Microfilms, scan and photo copies of archival documents is also available on payment.

How can a foreign scholar refer to Records?

Foreign scholars can apply through the Government of India's diplomatic counselor representative in their respective countries of Ministry Resources, Government of India.

How can I make the payment if I want to get copies of the records by post?

By transferring cash.

Can I send a request for copies of Record by E-mail?


What are the facilities I am entitled to if I register?

Library & Records facility.